Curatio’s board members, serving with a mission to promote, support and sustain the “Gospel of life,” and to see Christ in our patients and co-workers.

Board Members

Teresa Peyton Tawil APRN, CNP


Teresa is a “cradle Catholic” who attended Queen of Angels Catholic K-8 school and Pacelli Catholic high school in Austin Minn. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at the College of St. Benedict/St John’s University.  After working as a staff nurse for a few years, she went on  to complete a Masters of Science in Nursing at Michigan State University as a Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist in Primary Care, completing research with elderly spouse caregivers.  She then became certified as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner per the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Teresa is a founding board member of the Minnesota Nurse Practitioners and currently works for HealthPartners Geriatrics. She feels privileged to have worked with elders in various settings over the past 30yrs as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and for being given the grace to see Christ with each encounter. Curatio Apostolate has guided her vocation of working to recognize the inherent dignity of each human person despite the daily struggles in a secular and increasingly stretched health care system.   She is a parishioner of St. Raphael’s in New Hope and is thankful for the 24/7 opportunity to adore the Blessed Sacrament. She attributes a deepening of faith and Catholic formation to exposure to teachings through her children’s school, Providence Academy, of which they are a founding family.   She enjoys playing tennis, walking and laughing with her family, and working with God’s creation in her garden.

Teresa is currently serving as President of Curatio Apostolate

Dianne Marie Johnson RN, MA, OCN

Mission Director

Dianne Marie Johnson RN, MA, OCN, received her nursing license in 1972 and recently retired after 44 years of bedside nursing.  She worked as an oncology certified nurse in radiation oncology at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis MN and has extensive experience in critical and intensive care units and as a “pioneer” nurse in radiology nursing. She graduated from St. Mary’s College now (St. Catherine’s) and in 1998 received her B.A. with double majors in Philosophy and Catholic Studies. In 2006 she received a M. A. in Catholic Studies with emphasis in biomedical ethics from the University of St. Thomas in St Paul. Her masters’ essay was on the “Charter for Health Care workers” which was written in 1995 by the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance. In 2001 she founded Curatio, aided by a few priests in the Archdiocese and St. Thomas professors, in part to answer her own longing for integrity between her faith and her work, and in part, to answer Pope John Paul II’s call for re-evangelization of the modern world and to recover the sacred, sacramental vision of the human person in health care. She has learned firsthand that bringing God’s charity to the bedside means being present in the hardest of situations with sometimes the most challenging of people. Through the grace of the sacraments she strives to see patients, families, and co-workers as children of God and to love them as God loves them. Most concretely this means she does not reduce her patients to facts on a chart, a computer screen, or a particular disease. Rather she sees herself as an instrument of God’s outpouring love for the sick and the suffering. She is married to Reed Johnson and they have three wonderful grown children, 7 grandchildren (with one on the way) and 5 step grandchildren, all who keep her young at heart! She is passionate about helping others develop a closer relationship to Christ in healthcare and currently serves as the Mission Director for Curatio.

Gerry Pohl


In 1973, Gerry Pohl received a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota with a major in accounting.  Shortly after graduation, he joined the Peace Corps and spent 2 years in Paraguay after 3 months of training in Costa Rica. Upon his return to the United States, he started his career in public accounting auditing small companies and helping in the preparation of their tax returns. He obtained his CPA certificate in 1978 and is an active member of the AICPA and MN State Society of CPA’s.  In 1988 he became the Controller and Treasurer of Ted Glasrud Associates, where he is still employed today. He joined Curatio as its Treasurer in 2013. Other than auditing small non profit organizations, he also served as a board member of Project Life now known as Cradle of Hope. He was married to his beloved wife Bernadette for 27 years before she died after a long battle with cancer. Together they raised 2 sons, Michael and Joseph.  

Patrick Spencer, APRN , CNP

Board Member

I have been a Curatio Board member for 4 years.
In the 1980’s while attending the college of St Thomas, I worked 3 years as an orderly at a nursing home in northeast Minneapolis. I graduated from St Thomas in 1985 with a BA in Nursing after going through the nursing program at St Catherine College. I was also in Air Force ROTC at St Thomas. After graduation, I practiced as an RN for 9 years on active duty for the United States Air Force in 1985. My assignments included female surgery ward, oncology clinic, inpatient pediatric ward, outpatient pediatrics, and a combined labor/delivery, post-partum and newborn nursery ward. I held positions from staff nurse, to Officer in Charge, to Element Leader and Group Practice Manager with ongoing training in Medical Readiness. From 1994-1996 I attended the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences for my Master of Science in Nursing. I sat boards after that for Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and have been practicing in this capacity since 1996. I retired from the USAF in 2005 and moved back to Minnesota with my family. I have worked as an FNP in various practice setting since retiring and am currently employed at AALFA Family Clinic. In my spare time I enjoy travelling with my wife of 36 years to visit children and grandchildren

MaryAnne Frank, RN, BA

Past President 

MaryAnne graduated from St. Gabriel School of Nursing and from the University of St. Thomas with double degrees in Philosophy with a focus on Medical Ethics and English.  She retired in 2010 after 47 years from Hennepin County Medical Center where she worked as an Administrative Nursing Supervisor. She was a member of the HCMC Bio Medical Ethics Commission from its inception in 1981 through 2016.

She presently is employed as a Parish Nurse at St. Charles Borromeo Church where she has been a lifelong member. Concerned with the increasing ‘industrialization‘ of health care changing the focus from patient to client and the concept of caring in hospitality being perverted to accommodating client demands, MaryAnne joined forces with Founder,Dianne Johnson and others, to form Curatio as a means to convey to Catholic health professionals the awareness of our sacred work to heal from the Heart of Christ.MaryAnne has served in various capacities as a member of the Board.  

She was a founding member and past president of MAANS (Minnesota Association of Administrative Nursing Supervisors). MaryAnne is married to Stephen, mother of four children and grandmother to fifteen. In her spare time, MaryAnne enjoys gardening in her wildflower garden and writing poetry.

Deacon Steven Koop MD

Board Member

Steven is Medical director of Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and board certified in Orthopaedic surgery. He is a Permanent deacon with the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. He is known to work “intersecting the ministry of medicine and diaconal ministry, healing each in their own way.”  In his words, regarding his work at Gillette: ”Each of the children who comes here is a creature of God, made for a purpose, inherently carrying with them a dignity that is just part of their being. And, if you recognize that, then the nature of taking care of these children changes dramatically. …I’m most proud of all the people who work here, and their unfailing commitment to the patients we serve. This organization and its people buy into the premise that the only reason that we exist is to serve people, to serve patients. It’s impossible to describe how much difference that makes in medicine.”  “I think probably the single smartest thing I ever did in my career as a physician was to pick a place and stay there, and to have, as the Benedictines would say, stability. There are three vows or promises that Benedictines make when they become part of the community and one of them is stability — the pledge to stay, to come and to stay.”

Dr. Koop graduated from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis. He has special expertise in 5 Areas, including Cerebral Palsy Childhood-Onset Disabilities., Cervical Herniated Discs, and Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease. Steven and his wife Debra, are parishioners at St. Rita parish of Cottage Grove and parents of  four, now grown children, one of whom is a priest in the Archdiocese.  Activities: Reading books, golf, jogging.

Sydney March


Board Member since 2019 on the Feast Day of St. Joseph! 

First and foremost: deep friendship with Our Lord and wife to a wonderful man who is a healthcare professional, as well – prays every day for the gift of children (adoption and/or foster care is in the near future -prayers are welcomed!). Devout and practicing Catholic, who believes that receiving the Sacraments often and prayer lay the best foundation for being in healthcare. Love to volunteer her time teaching the Catholic Faith and working (and praying!) with/for the Missionary Sisters of Charity. Enjoys reading, running marathons, baking/cooking, and spending time with family and close friends (first, Our Lord!). History of military support activities (recorded in the news) and editorials in her teen years – that special love continues today. Saint inspirations: St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Teresa of Calcutta, and St. John Paul II.

Currently: Proud to declare her vocational calling is to be the “hands and feet of Christ” and therefore lead as many souls as she can to Heaven. Emergency Department Registered Nurse at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, MN. Founding member of the ANW Program for Clinical Ethics and Values that started in the Fall of 2018, but apart of their Ethics Committee since 2015. She is the Clinical and Prenatal Program Coordinator at Options for Women East – a free pregnancy center in St. Paul, MN. She is on the Medical Advisory Board for Elevate Life – a pregnancy center support affiliate for encouraging best practices in pro-life clinics. She additionally leads their quarterly medical meetings for 37 other affiliates. She has over 12 years in healthcare, and became an RN in 2014 where she began living-out her vocation as a nurse.  For close two years, she taught Nursing Ethics and Advocacy in the Allina Health New Grad Program for newly graduated nurses.

Education: Bachelor of Liberal Art’s in Theology from Christendom College (2008) – whose thesis was: “The Need for a Spirituality of the Family”. Bachelor of Science in Nursing from St. Scholastica (2014), after she realized during her junior year that her call was to serve and minister to those who were ill and suffering. Master of Science in Bioethics from University of Mary (2018), after she discovered another deep passion was trying to be a ‘Thomas Aquinas’ to convert the secular science and healthcare world, and defend the vulnerable; challenge those in the Catholic world to live out their Faith boldly; AND that bioethics is the perfect bridge between Science and Theology – that Theology should really be the handmaid of Science. Her Capstone project was an ethical analysis on opportunistic and non-opportunistic salpingectomy, entitled: “An Ethical Analysis on Emergent and Non-Emergent Tubal Ligations” as an indirect effort to educate hospitals and other leaders claiming “Catholic” status, but not necessarily living-out this demanding, yet worthy and beautiful name through their actions (a process still ongoing). She also obtained her Certification in Catholic Health Care Ethics in 2017 from the National Catholic Bioethics Center, of which she is also a member/supporter. She is currently working on her Master’s in Moral Theology.

Christin Morey


Christin is a cradle Catholic who received her MSN degree from University of San Diego, a private Roman Catholic university. She became certified as both Family Nurse Practitioner and  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Prior to this she received her BSN from the University of Iowa and worked as an RN for 10 yrs in Pediatric ICU and chronic care units. Here she grew in love and respect for the dignity of premature babies to severely disabled children and championed simple measures to make their days more playful and loving experiences while hospitalized.  She married cradle Catholic Dr. Mitch Morey and moved to San Francisco, working in pediatrics and University of San Francisco college student health at St. Mary’s Hospital and clinics. Here she upheld Catholic teaching within care of university students and patients. Christin and her husband moved to Minnesota in 1994 and raised  2 sons in Catholic schools. In 2002 she was one of the founding Nurse Practitioners at MinuteClinic and continues to work for them today. Christin maintains that the best education of her life was faith formation from 12yrs of bible studies with Providence Academy’s theology scholars. She plans to continue her studies indefinitely and never “graduate”!  Christin and husband Mitch are continually drawn to Curatio Apostolate for the spiritual fruits experienced from many Curatio retreats, sacraments, pastoral guidance and camaraderie with fellow Catholic healthcare professionals. She states, “I am humbled and honored to be  a board member of Curatio and  hope to help with operations, expansion and upholding Catholics in healthcare. “

Katherine Haik

BS  Exercise Science

Katherine Haik has contributed to the pursuit of wellness in the health and fitness industry since 1984.  Over the years, she has had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the greatest pioneers in the wellness industry.  Katherine has her BS degree in Exercise Science from the University of MN and has spent much of her career designing and/or implementing programming for wellness centers throughout the Twin Cities.  Katherine is also founder and President of KC Product Development, LLC where she has patented the Vizziq Trainer that promotes proper posture and gait mechanics.  The Vizziq Trainer is being sold locally with on-going research and development conducted at the University of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN.


Stephen J. Heaney PhD

Educational Advisor

He received his B.A. from the College of the Holy Cross in 1979, and his Ph.D. from Marquette University in 1988. He is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, where he has been teaching both introductory courses and upper level courses in bioethics, contemporary social issues, political philosophy and the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas since 1987. He has published numerous articles on life issues, marriage and sexuality in The Thomist, The Human Life Review, Nova et Vetera, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Public Discourse, and The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly. He also serves on the Archdiocesan Faith in Action Board, and served for a number of years on the Archidiocesan Bioethics Commission. He has given many talks on marriage with his wife, Anne Maloney, whom he met at Marquette; they live in St. Paul and have three children, some of whom have children of their own. Since his children became older than his students, Dr. Heaney has decided to embrace geezerhood, at least as a hobby.

Heidi M. Giebel, PhD

Educational Advisor

Heidi received her Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame in 2003 and is currently Professor of Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas (MN) and Managing Editor of American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly. Her research and teaching interests lie mainly in theoretical and applied ethics. Her current projects focus on the virtue-based ethics of Aristotle, the early Confucians, and St. Thomas Aquinas, and on the philosophy and psychology of moral development. She has published in several scholarly venues, including American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, International Philosophical Quarterly, Journal of Medical Ethics, Proceedings of the ACPA, and Review Journal of Political Philosophy. Her forthcoming book, tentatively titled Ethical Excellence, uses philosophy, psychology, and her own interviews with real-life moral heroes to explain virtues like gratitude and humility—and how we can develop them. Heidi lives in Hudson, Wisconsin with her husband Jerry and their twelve wonderful children.

Deborah Savage PhD

Educational Advisor

Deborah is a member of the faculty at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota where she teaches philosophy and theology in the both the Pre-Theology and Masters in Pastoral Ministry Programs. She received her Doctorate in Religious Studies from Marquette University in 2005; her degree is in both theology and philosophy. Dr. Savage’s dissertation was entitled “The Subjective Dimension of Human Work: The Conversion of the Acting Person in the Thought of Karol Wojtyla and Bernard Lonergan.” The manuscript was published by Peter Lang in 2007. Dr. Savage is a student of St. Thomas Aquinas with a particular interest in investigating his thought in light of contemporary questions. Her primary research interests are in philosophical and theological anthropology, especially as a foundation for human action and for the personhood of women, and the metaphysics of creation as a foundation for both stewardship and economics. She is a recognized scholar of the work of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II and has written and presented or published several papers on how his philosophical anthropology informs his body of work as Pope.  She speaks regularly on the topics of the feminine genius within the context of the complementarity of men and women, human sexuality, and the theological meaning of human work. She is the co-founder of the Siena Symposium, an interdisciplinary think tank at UST, organized to respond to John Paul II’s call for a new and explicitly Christian feminism. Her more recent publications include an article entitled “The Metaphysics of Creation as a Foundation for Environmental Stewardship and a Sound Economy,” coming out in the journal, Nova et Vetera, in the spring of 2011; and a chapter on Women and Catholic Social Thought in the volume: Catholic Social Thought: American Reflections on the Compendium, Lexington Books, 2009.  Before her decision to pursue a doctorate, Deborah worked for over 25 years in the business sector, holding a variety of positions primarily in manufacturing organizations.  During the ten years prior to the start of her doctoral work, Deborah owned her own consulting firm, The Triad Group, which provided consulting and training services in the areas of quality and process management and improvement, cross-functional management and strategic planning. She has taught in the Executive MBA program at the University of St. Thomas, as well as numerous public seminars. She has been studying the relationship between faith, spirituality, and work since her days on the production line, and has given talks and seminars and delivered papers internationally on the subject of the relationship between faith and human work.

Education Advisors

Fr. Marcus Milless

Chaplain and Spiritual Advisor

Fr. Marcus Milless is the hospital chaplain at HCMC and helps out at Holy Family in St. Louis Park. He spent the first 3 years of his priesthood as the associate at All Saints in Lakeville. He sees Hospital chaplaincy as his call within a call of priesthood. During his high school and college summers he worked with children with mental and physical disabilities. This was a grace for him as he saw Christ in the disguise of the sick and suffering. Also in his Senior year of college seminary he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. During his treatment he experienced the consolation of the Holy Spirit through the intercession of Mary. This encounter with Christ through Mary in the suffering has given him the grace to see the value of prayer and the Sacraments in times of illness.  As he lived out the priesthood at All Saints he felt a call to serve the sick and suffering and Archbishop granted his request to become a hospital chaplain by assigning him to HCMC. Since being assigned to HCMC, he has seen the healing work of Christ each day in big and small ways, not only in the patients but also in those who care for them.
“It is my desire to lead people to Christ when they are sick, alone, or addicted, so they may not feel abandoned by God but supported by him and loved by him.”

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